October 17, 2017

How to Determine the Sex Of A Baby Without an Ultrasound

For millennia birthing specialists, from midwives to witch doctors, have claimed to know how to determine the sex of a baby? Although many took a fairly scientific approach there have been some more bizarre theories over the centuries. For instance in medieval Europe your taste in food and entertainment was thought to be an indication of your unborn baby’s gender?

Do you prefer venison and poultry?

Do the discussions of valiant Knights in mock combat make you flush and excited? Well, then you are clearly having a baby boy.

Do you prefer the soft lit of the lyre? Then it’s obvious to all that you are having a girl.

To our modern minds this sure isn’t the most scientific method of determining the sex of a baby, but in days of old it was thought to be cutting-edge science. We know today then in truth your preferences for certain foods and lifestyle choices when pregnant are more to do with your bodies nutritional needs during pregnancy than the gender of your baby.

Modern Day Detection

Guessing the sex of a baby is an interesting pastime even today. Some people will even take bets on it. For example in England when there is a conception in the Royal family bookmakers will give odds of the sex of the baby.

However, with modern detection aids, which are accurate but have been known to be wrong at times (usually due to human error in interpreting the scans), you can determine the sex of your baby at some point between 16 – 20 weeks.

Although many parents prefer to wait until the scan can determine the baby’s gender, and some others actually prefer to wait for the arrival day, a great many parents are eager to know their baby’s gender sooner.

Old Wives’ Tales or Intuition?

There are some benefits to knowing the gender of your child prior to the 209 week point as you can better prefer for your new arrival; no one wants to run the risk of giving their lovely baby boy a complex by letting him sleep in a pick room with dolls and ribbons 😉 .

So, in an attempt to be better prepared many women (and men) seek alternative ways for discovering their baby’s sex.

It is quite common for mother’s to claim they know their baby’s sex before giving birth even without ultrasound. Women tend to listen more carefully to their bodies than their male counterparts and when they become pregnant many women become even more sensitive to the message their body is sending them.

Others make use of more non-scientific methods.


Due to a natural hormonal imbalance, most mother’s do experience some form of “cravings” and it is believed in many alternative health circles that you can determine your baby’s sex through the type of food you are craving.

If you crave sweet things with sugar or that are glucose based or fructose based etc, it is said that you are likely to have a girl. But if your cravings lean more towards savory or salty foods you are said to be having a baby boy.

High or Low

The position of your baby bump is believed to be an indication of gender.

If you have a high bump in your hips then it is believed that you carrying a girl, but if you have a low bump, in your belly, then you have a boy. Although this is far from scientific it can be surprisingly accurate and many mothers swear by it.

Feeling a Bit Queasy?

According to reports, most women who are pregnant with boys experience little to no morning sickness or nausea.

Conversely having a girl can come at a price. It seems that your little princess can cause morning sickness and mild to severe stomach upsets; but it’s so worth it!

The Chinese Birth Calendar

The Chinese gave us fireworks, medicine, acupuncture and a heap of other benefits that we take for granted today (let’s not go into Feng Shui just yet). So it should be no surprise that that the Chinese have been predicting the sex of babies for hundreds of years.

A common tool used by the Chinese to determine the sex of a baby is a special calendar. The Chinese Birth Calendar is a 700yrs old birth chart that is still being made use of today by doctors in China.

The Chinese Birth Calendar predicts the sex of an unborn baby through knowledge of the conception day and month of the baby. The Chinese believe the calendar to be so accurate that would-be parents actually use it as a preconception tool; so that they can conceive on a certain date and month in order to control the gender of their baby.

Heart Beating Rate

A simple home-remedy prediction for determining your baby’s sex is through your heart rate. It is important to relax before this test so your heart beat is at rest.

This method suggests that if you have a 140+ heart beat rate per minute this means that your baby’s sex is female. If your heart beat rate is below the 140 rate, then you are probably giving birth to a baby boy.

Making Use Of Drano

For those that don’t know: “Drano, or Drāno, is a drain cleaner product manufactured by S. C. Johnson & Son” [Wikipedia].

Making Use Of Drano

Drano, or Drāno, for those that don’t know is a drain cleaner product manufactured by S. C. Johnson & Son [vic Wikipedia]

This step is a little “out there” but is popular nonetheless. To do this you have to pee into a cup, which shouldn’t be too extreme considering you normally do this at your prenatal appointments anyway.

Take the Drano, (you can purchase Drano’s from any nearby local supermarket that is selling cleaning products), and mix a tablespoon of it into the cup that contains your pee. Wait a few moments to see if it changes color.

If it turns a green color, then you are carrying a baby girl.

If it turns blue, then you are having a baby boy.

Excessive Skin Blemishes

Obviously you should use your own discretion when using this technique if you normally suffer from acne or abnormal skin blemishes.

Bad skin or excessive pimple breakout during pregnancy can be a sign that you are having a baby girl. According to old wives tales baby girls steal the beauty and youth of their mother leaving nasty zits in their place.

Swing the Ring

This is a classic and well known test to determine the sex of a baby.

Take a ring from your finger, preferably your wedding ring if you have one, and loop some string or thread through it.

Suspend the ring above your bump directly. Then watch the movement of the ring.

If the ring starts moving forward and backwards the baby’s sex is female, but if it’s rotating in a circular direction then you will be having a cute little baby boy.

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