October 17, 2017

How to Get Pregnant with a Girl Naturally

There are many reasons for would-be parents to deliberately choose the gender of their unborn child. Obviously you have your own reasons or you would have landed on this page. So, I will not delve into all the different reasons for choosing a child’s sex nor will I get into the moral questions that often arise from “playing with nature”. If you want to choose the sex of your child it is possible. In this article I will outline methods of gender control for those who wish to know how to get pregnant with a girl. If you want to have a boy there are different techniques.

Statistically speaking having a baby boy or a baby girl carries an equal chance. Ordinarily you have a 50/50 chance of having either.

However since the dawn of civilization people have tried various methods to control the gender of their child with some having a better success rate than others.


How Nature Decides Gender

The male of our species produces sperm that consists of two types of chromosome; one of which is the X chromosome and the other the Y chromosome.

A woman only has the X chromosome. A normal human ovary will an X chromosome while half of the sperm carry an X chromosome, and half carry a Y chromosome.

For a woman to have a girl, the X chromosome from the male sperm needs to get to the ovary first. Under normal circumstances if the Y chromosome gets to the egg before the X chromosome, then the conception will result in a male child.

So in basic terms it is the male partner that is the deciding factor in the sex of a baby.


Speed Versus Endurance

The X chromosome (which leads to the conception of a girl) is much slower than the Y chromosome (the “boy” chromosome), however it tends to survive longer in hostile vaginal condition; staying up to four days without dying.

The Y chromosome are always much quick, but are not very long lasting.


Modern Science Can Help

Modern IVF treatment can be used to choose the sex of a baby. However IVF is expensive and is a treatment usually reserved for couples who are having problems conceiving.

Obviously for most people an alternative that is cheaper yet just as accurate (where possible) is the only option. But, if you have the money and do not mind numerous visits to medical centers then you may be more interested in learning how to conceive a girl the scientific way

So if you want to reduce the odds of you having a boy, in favour of a little girl, here are tips that can help.


How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

dos and dontsIf you and your partner have decided that you really want to have a girl then relying on chance is not a great plan.

However, believe it or not, there are certain specific times when you should have intercourse to greatly increase your chances of conceiving a girl.

Below are some “do’s” and “don’ts” to observe when trying to conceive a girl.

The Do’s

  • The key here is the ‘Timing of Sex’. Planning your love making around your cycle is key. Having sex 2 ½ – 4 days before your ovulation gives you a greater chance of conceiving a girl. To make things easy keep an ovulation chart so that you can predict when ovulation is going to take place during your cycle then comes the fun bit – have lots of sex before your body releases the egg.
  • Have regular sex directly after your period — The longer lasting X chromosomes (“girl sperm”) will be deposited in the vagina to fertilize the egg once it is released from the ovaries.
  • The X chromosome (girl sperm) is favoured by an acidic environment. This is out of your control. You can purchase testing kits from pharmacies, to know the pH of your vaginal.
  • Try to take foods that are likely to support a more acidic vaginal, to boost your chances of conceiving a girl.

The Don’ts

  • Try to avoid having sex during the time of ovulation or just after it. While having sex when ovulation time is still some days away will help the X chromosome to fertilize the female egg, thus leading to a female baby, having sex during ovulation decreases your chances.
  • Try to avoid having an orgasm during sex. A female orgasm produces an alkaline substance. I mentioned above that an acidic vaginal environment is more desirable for conceiving a female child. Therefore having an alkaline environment created from female orgasm will decrease the acid in that environment.

    In addition an alkaline environment will actually help the Y chromosome reach the egg instead – thus actually increasing your odds of having a boy. Muscular uterine contractions (which can occur during female orgasm) also work to help push the boy-producing Y chromosome sperm into the fallopian tube where the conception usually occurs.

  • Avoid having deep penetrative sex. Deep penetration will occur in positions such as ‘all fours’. A shallow position is much more preferred when trying to conceive a girl. Missionary position is preferable because the semen won’t be deposited close to the cervix.


Understanding Your Ovulation

You have already learned some great techniques to help you conceive a girl.

understanding ovulationHowever in order to take advantage of these methods you need to be able to identify when your body enters the above periods (such as having an alkaline vaginal environment).

Thus understanding your ovulation cycle can help you better plan for your love-making sessions so you are having sex at times when you are more likely to conceive a girl.


6 Steps to Success

  1. Know when you are ovulating. Many women experience pain in the lower pelvis region mid-way through their monthly cycle.
  2. Understand when you are more acidic. Mucous is acidic and helps the X chromosome (girl sperm) to fertilize the egg as we mentioned earlier. So knowing how to identify a mucous environment will help you understand when you are in the most fertile time for trying to conceive a girl.
  3. Identifying a mucous environment. Fertile mucous is stretchy, clear and watery (appears similar to egg white). This occurs for the smooth passage of sperm upwards going through the cervix and towards the fallopian tube.
  4. Make use of an ovulation testing kit. The ovulation testing kit helps in detecting hormonal changes that occur during ovulation. Be aware however that there is still some disagreement in medical circles as to whether this is truly effective or not.
  5. During Ovulation time, a woman usually feels different. She may experience an increase in the libido while also appearing to be more relaxed and attractive.
  6. Watch for an increase in basal body temperature. Before ovulation, the basal temperature rises by a couple of degrees (basal body temperature is the lowest degree of temperature that is attained by the body at the time of rest or sleep.


Food For Girls

There are many foods that you can eat to help you create a more acidic environment in the vaginal region. You should research this subject in much more depth but here are a few to get you started.

Food for (girl) thought. Eat these:

• Whole grains such as wholegrain bread, brown rice, and cereals.
• Meat.
• You’ll love this one; sweet cakes, candy, ice lollies and sweet desserts.
• Blueberries & corns.
• Foods that are highly rich in magnesium such as fish, gains and fruits.
• Vegetables that are high in folate such as vitamin B.

Have fun with this and remember one key thing – the most important thing is to have a healthy baby and raise that baby in a loving environment regardless of its gender.

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